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Enjoy these videos from previous seasons!

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performing Harry Partch’s Castor from MicroFest 2008 at REDCAT Theater

From 2010 – Aron Kallay playing Lou Harrison’s Concerto for Piano and Gamelan with HMC Gamelan
From 2009 – Aron Kallay playing the Blues from Ben Johnston’s Suite for Microtonal Piano
Bill Alves’ Static Cling, an abstract computer animation with microtonal computer music, presented at MicroFest 2000
Breath of the Compassionate, an abstract computer animation with live electronics and gamelan accompaniment, to be performed by the Bill Alves Visual Music Ensemble on April 11.
HARRY PARTCH: “O Frabjous Day!” from MicroFest on Vimeo.

HARRY PARTCH: The Mock Turtle Song from MicroFest on Vimeo.

PARTCH_Ulysses at the Edge (1955/71) from MicroFest on Vimeo.


From 2012 – Aron Kallay playing Jason Heath’s Color Variations
From 2009 – Aron Kally playing Kyle Gann’s Fugitive Objects
MicroFest Managing Director Aron Kallay gives a TED talk in 2012

Managing Director Aron Kallay talks about playing the Alternative Piano Literature
Johann Joseph Vilsmayr: PARTITA V (1715) from MicroFest on Vimeo.

KRAIG GRADY :: Chippewayan Echoes from MicroFest on Vimeo.

BEN JOHNSTON: Amazing Grace (1973) from MicroFest on Vimeo.

PARTCH: Sonata Dementia (1950) from MicroFest on Vimeo.