Enjoy these highlights from past seasons!

Lou Harrison’s The Geography of Heaven (1934) for nine strings in quartertones, premiered at MicroFest 2001


Lydia Ayers’ Ombres de la lune for Tambellan Keyboard, performed by Ron George from MicroFest 2003


Lou Harrison’s Simfony in Free Style from MicroFest 2003


Kraig Grady’s In the Wake of LH for two bowed psalteries and meta-slendro reed organ, performed by Whitney Arnold, Erin Barnes, and Kraig Grady on MicroFest 2003


Bill Alves’ Elegy for Lou Harrison, performed by Roger Lebow (cello) and the HMC American Gamelan on MicroFest 2003


Mass Destruction by Bill Alves, performed by Cynthia Fogg (electric viola) and George W. Bush, on MicroFest 2003

Douglas Leedy’s Eis Apollona performed by Jennifer Goltz and Mary Dropkin on MicroFest 2005


Lou Harrison’s Wesak Sonata for zheng from MicroFest 2005


Metalloid by Bill Alves performed by the HMC Electronic Music Ensemble on MicroFest 2007


Kimbang Girang, a traditional work for Balinese gamelan from MicroFest 2008


Pollux, played by the Partch Ensemble at REDCAT from MicroFest 2008


Even Wild Horses, from the Partch Ensemble’s MicroFest 2008 performance at REDCAT