Wolfgang = 1 + 2 x 3 + 4
Pure Bach + three premieres by microtonal master Wolfgang von Schweinitz
May 30th , 2015 | 8PM | @ Villa Aurora
520 Paseo Miramar | Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 | $25
Bach/Schweinitz: Ricercare – string trio
Plainsound Nocturne – piano [World Premiere]
Franz and Morton – piano trio [US Premiere]
Plainsound String Quartet ‘Holy Howl’, Op. 57 [West Coast Premiere]
Formalist Quartet
Richard Valitutto

“Pure Bach thus sounds like Stockhausen…the purest of tones and no vibrato serving as effective means for speeding music to the brain… funny things start occurring with high frequencies that lie somewhere between what would get the attention of a dog and those audible to a concertgoer. Everything in our bodies and this world vibrates, and when you mess with the essence of vibration, you mess with perception. I would not recommend driving under the mind-blowing influence of Schweinitz.” – Mark Swed, LA Times