Sonata Dementia CD Release Party
June 28th & 29th , 2019 | 7:30/8:30/9:30 | @ MorYork Gallery
4959 York Blvd | Los Angeles, CA 90042 | $30 (includes CD!)
WINDSONG (1958) — the original uncut version

ULYSSES AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD - A Minor Adventure in Rhythm (1962)

BE ON STAGE – Get up close & personal with the amazing Partch instruments as we play excerpts from our new album. Meet the Cloud Chamber Bowls, Kithara, Diamond Marimba, Adapted Viola, Harmonic Canons, Boo, Surrogate Kithara and the giant Bass Marimba. And don’t forget: you go home with a copy of the new CD SONATA DEMENTIA.

The only thing even more fantastic than the music and the instruments is Highland Park’s phantasmagorical MorYork Gallery

“An Aladdin’s cave full of techno-primitive wonder, or a poetic cargo ship adrift on a sea of dreams — possibly both at once. The high-ceilinged space is so full, floor to ceiling, with handcrafted wonders that the eye is never sure where to settle, and therefore stumbles along bejeweled surfaces and up curving forms fashioned in startling ways from the familiar products of mass production. Lacquered cabinets open to reveal collections of animal bones and industrial bric-a-brac, multitudes of aluminum pop tops gather into couches and chairs, jigsaw puzzle pieces and swizzle sticks rise into elaborate organic assemblages, buttons stack up in huge branching cylinders evoking the primordial growths that thrive along deep sea thermal vents, and everywhere surfaces have been constructed out of dominos, yardsticks and tin cans. You tread softly in the high-ceilinged space, speaking in whispers to your companions as you circulate this vast collection of things that rhyme. <br>

Times Quotidian