PARTCH: Eroica Dances - Concert One
What does an 847 lb. marimba sound like?
June 7th , 2013 | 8:30PM | @ REDCAT
631 WEST 2ND STREET | LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 | $25 / $20
Eroica Dances - Harry Partch
Partch Ensemble

What does an 847 lb. marimba sound like?

“In the right room acoustically, the Eroica is felt through the feet, against the belly, and, if one sits on the floor, it ripples through his bottom. It is very difficult to put on tape, and especially on records with any fidelity. Adequate playback equipment is absolutely essential, which means that the poorer generally are not privileged to experience a rippling through their backsides by an art form.” — Harry Partch

Our brand new Marimba Eroica joins the rest of Harry Partch’s exotic instrumentarium in Plectra & Percussion Dances and the Dance Pantomime from King Oedipus. Don’t miss this unique chance to ripple your backside with the music of this “masterful maverick” (LA Times).

“Funny, moving, inventive and insanely theatrical…an unforgettable performance.”
— San Francisco ChronicleWhat does an 847 lb. marimba sound like?