Microtonal Landscapes part I
March 2nd , 2018 | 8PM | @ Boston Court
70 N. Mentor Ave. | Pasadena, CA 91106 | general $30, senior $25, student $20
(in) tone by Catherine Lamb
landscapes, arr. falcone | cubarsi from Bartók's Mikrokosmos and Violin Duos
New Work* by Sara Cubarsi
New Work* by Eyvind Kang
Sei Bach-Intonazioni per Violino Solo, Ia* g minor Sonata (adagio; fuga; siciliana; presto ) by Marc Sabat
Sara Cubarsi - violin
Madeline Falcone - viola

Adventurous performers Sara Cubarsi and Madeline Falcone pair up for a program including Marc Sabat’s just intonation, Bach compositions, Bartók reimagined in microtonal arrangements, Catherine Lamb, and new works by Elischa Kaminer and Eyvind Kang.

falcone | cubarsi is a Los Angeles-based duo created in 2017 by Madeline Falcone (violin/viola) and Sara Cubarsi (violin).

The duo’s inaugural project was a recording of Marc Sabat’s just intonation Bach interpretations with the composer in Berlin. Since then, Falcone and Cubarsi have performed together on modern, baroque, and electric instruments. In approaching both traditional and contemporary music the duo brings a sense of adventure, considering academic and historical study while allowing space for new, imaginative interpretations.

Madeline and Sara met by coincidence when they became housemates in 2016, and began studying and playing music together for fun. microtonal landscapes will be their fourth performance collaboration, and expands the ideas they began to explore through their initial study of just intonation Bach.