Part Song
Marc Sabat
May 1st , 2021 | Streamable | @ Online
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Marc Sabat
Part song
for violin and contrabass
Helge Slaatto, violin
Frank Reinecke, double bass

Part Song was composed as part of an ongoing series of pieces exploring extended just intonation on acoustic instruments in small chamber ensemble settings. In this case, the symmetrical tuning of violin and contrabass suggested an unfolding fanning outward from unison, featuring along the way the absolute consonances between open strings (2/1, 4/1, 8/1, 16/1) and various other simple, wide tuneable intervals of the form n/1, n/2, n/3, n/4, n/5, met in a simple melodic counterpoint of two parts.

Berlin, 26 December 2018