New Releases/Sneak Previews/Greatest Hits
April 9th , 2019 | | @ Monk Space
4414 W 2nd Street | Los Angeles, CA 90004 | general $25, student $20
Jeffrey Holmes - Five Microtonal Studies
Michael Kudirka, guitar; Brian Head, guitar

Lou Harrison - Jahla
John Schneider - Passacaglia [from Tombo por Lou]
Peter Yates - Two Quips [17-21, Man’s Best Friend]
John Schneider - Just National Guitar

Tom Johnson - Failing
Tom Peters, bass

Ben Johnston - selections from string quartet #9
Lyris Quartet (Shalini Vijayan, violin; Tim Loo, cello; Alyssa Park, violin; Luke Maurer, viola)

John Luther Adams - Selections
Grandpa Joe's Traveling Song [Athabascan Dances]
Juggling Song [Yup’ik Dances]
It Circles Me [Yup’ik Dances]
Potlach Song of a Lonely Man [Athabascan Dances]
Just Strings (Alison Bjorkedal, harp; John Schneider, guitar; TJ Troy, percussion)

Selections from Beyond 12, Volume 2
Aron Kallay, piano

Harvey Mudd American Gamelan
Selections of works from our catalogue
Michael Kudirka, guitar; Brian Head, guitar
John Schneider, guitar
Tom Peters, bass
Lyris Quartet
Just Strings
Aron Kallay
Harvey Mudd American Gamelan

Come out and celebrate five years of MicroFest Records. The concert will feature selections from the catalogue. The first half, featuring solos and small chamber works, will take place in Monk Space’s Studio B. The concert will move to Studio A for the second half, and will feature the Harvey Mudd American Gamelan!