FOR BEN (canceled)
A Celebration of the Life & Music of Ben Johnston
April 14th , 2020 | | @ Monk Space
4414 W. 2nd Street | Los Angeles, CA 90004 |
Suite for Microtonal Piano (1978) | The Tavern (1998, excerpts) for baritone & refretted guitar | Trio for violin/clarinet/cello (1981) | Ma Mie Qui Danse soprano & microtonal piano (1990) | Calamity Jane to Her Daughter, soprano, violin, synthesizer, drum kit (1989)
Aron Kallay (pno) | John Schneider (gtr) | James Sullivan (cl) | Alyssa Park (vn) | Timothy Loo (vc) | & others

Celebrate the life and music of one of the 20th and 21st century’s best and most under-appreciated composers. The concert will feature lesser known pieces from the composer’s works list, including the Suite for Microtonal Piano, excerpts from The Tavern for baritone & refretted guitar, the charming Trio [violin/clarinet/cello], and Ma Mie Qui Danse.