Microtonal Vocal Chamber Music
April 25th , 2014 | 8PM | @ The Velaslavasay Panorama
1122 W. 24th St. | Los Angeles 90007 | $15 / $10
Kurt Isaacson’s the day won’t reconcile its recessive light: a perimeter’s bleed for Mezzo-soprano, viola, and cello
John Fonville’s Songs from Sappho on Ancient Greek Modes for viola and voice
John Fonville’s The Night Dances for soprano, alto flute, and bass
Edu Haubensak’s Sechs Walserminiaturen for soprano and violin
Maayan Tsadka’s Phonetic Studies
and John Fonville’s Study of Held Just Partials
Stephanie Aston, soprano
Argenta Walther, mezzo-soprano
Scott Worthington, double bass
Eric KM Clark, violin
Derek Stein, cello
Christine Tavolacci, alto flute
David Tranchina, double bass
Natalie Brejcha, violin

Accordant Commons, a vocal chamber music collective, presents a concert of microtonal vocal chamber music. We are drawn to chamber music, as it explores the interaction between voices and instruments. For this concert, we explore the variation between tactile and sensory approaches in exploring micro-intervals. These pieces create a continuum of microtonality, from the finely dissonant to the justly placed.