March MicroMoment
March 1st , 2021 | Streamable Anytime | @ Your Inbox
musicforyourinbox.com | World Wide Web | $7-30
Composer, Danial Corral /br Violinist, Myra Hinrichs

At the beach, a violinist watches the waves roll in and out. The ocean becomes a score. Spot a wave in the distance. The wave crests; the wave washes up on the shore; the wave retracts and disappears into the sea. Play according to the wave’s movements. In September of 2020 violinist Myra Hinrichs collaborated remotely with composer Daniel Corral on a piece meant for a time and space that is entirely outside of the digital world: music for violin and ocean. Sculptor Janelle Iglesias created the artwork for this month’s postcard: Crab, sculpture using a crab shell and plastic straws.