California MicroGuitars

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Quartertone and Just Intonation premieres, debuts, and songs featuring microtonal artists from:

Northern California: The Living Earth Show (Quartertone electric guitar and quartertone vibes) and Giacomo Fiore (Just Intonation Resophonic Guitar)

Central California: Garry Eister (National Guitar)

Southern California: Alex Wand (Just Intonation National Guitar)

performing music of Chessa, Eister, Nagorcka, Polansky, Ueno, and Wand. The concert also features the first Southern California performance of Brian Ferneyhough’s extraordinary duo Renvoi/Shards, composed for quartertone electric guitar and the only American quartertone vibraphone in the country, dedicated to the composer’s friend, the Norwegian microtonalist Bjørn Fongaard.

The Living Earth Show Giacomo Fiore Garry Eister Alex Wand