The 2012 Festival of Microtonal Music

Beyond Twelve: The Re-Imagined Piano

Saturday June 23 9:00 PM

Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd., Venice

For nearly two hundred years the piano's design has been exactly the same: 12 keys/7 times, low-to-high/left-to-right. Period. But why 12...? Why left-to-right...? What if......

Beyond Twelve is a project that uses state-of-the-art physical modeling technology to break free from the constraints of this design — and the piano will never be the same again.

Concert pianist and MicroFest assistant director Aron Kallay commissioned new works from ten of America's most imaginative composers, with two ground rules: 1) Re-tune the keyboard, from extended just intonation to 88 equal-divisions of the octave and everything in between. 2) Re-map the keyboard, left can be right, high can be low; pitches need not be linear.

The concert will premiere these inventive and visionary new works, plus the winning pieces from UnTwelve's 2012 International Composition Competition.

For more information, call (818)397-6954

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