The 2012 Festival of Microtonal Music

A Traveling Gnarwhallaby

Tuesday May 22 8:00 PM

Velaslavasay Panorama
1122 West 24th St., near Hoover
Los Angeles

The hodgepodge of clarinets, trombones, cello, and keyboards known as Gnarwhallaby premieres microtonal works by Tasmanian composer Ron Nagorcka, Austrian composer Klaus Lang, and a world premiere of a work by Los Angeles composer Matt Barbier. Gnarwhallaby is Brian Walsh (clarinets), Matt Barbier (trombones), Derek Stein (cello) and Richard Valitutto (piano/keyboards).

$15 / $12 students, seniors, and members.
Tickets available at

Hear an excerpt from Ron Nagorcka's Myriad Degrees.

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