The 2011 Festival of Microtonal Music


Partch: At the Edge of the World








Friday/Saturday June 10/11, 8:30 PM

REDCAT Theater in Disney Hall 631 W. Second St. Los Angeles

$25/$20 students & seniors
$12 CalArts students/faculty/staff

REDCAT box office 213/237-2800

Cloud Chamber Bowls, Kithara, BooBams, Chromelodeon, HypoBass, Adapted Guitars and much more hit the REDCAT stage in a concert of HARRY PARTCH's inimitable music. The program features Castor and Pollux, Lyrics of Li Po, Barstow: 8 Hitchhiker Inscriptions, as well as the extraordinarySummer 1955. This last work includes "Ulysses at the Edge of the World" written for jazz great Chet Baker, "O Frabjous Day!," a modern re-premiere of Lewis Carroll's Mock Turtle Song, and the "Potion Scene from Romeo and Juliet." Also, a rare 1958 film of Partch giving us a tour of his Chicago music studio and the recording session for Daphne of the Dunes.
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