The 2010 Festival of Microtonal Music












Even Wild Horses

Wednesday & Thursday June 2 & 3 8:30 PM

REDCAT Theater in Disney Hall 631 W. Second St. Los Angeles

$25/$20 students & seniors
$15 CalArts students/faculty/staff

REDCAT box office 213/237-2800

Outfitted with an amazing array of custom-built microtonal instruments, the ensemble directed by John Schneider continues its ongoing survey of the profound music of Harry Partch. The group's performances at REDCAT this year center on two pieces by Partch and his friend and fellow maverick Lou Harrison that celebrate indigenous American cultures: Partch's Cloud Chamber Music, performed by the full ensemble, is a setting of a Zuni chant; Harrison's Canticle #3, for ocarina, guitar and a battery of percussion instruments, explores the music of Pre-Columbian Mexico. Also: the West Coast debut of Anne LeBaron's Southern Ephemera, which joins flute and cello with Partch instruments, and Madeline Tourtelot's Rotate the Body in All Its Planes, a short film documenting a Partch "ballet for gymnasts." The program concludes dramatically with Partch's Even Wild Horses - Dance Music for an Absent Drama, featuring African and Latin American polyrhythms, tenor saxophone, and excerpts from Rimbaud's "A Season in Hell" sung in English.
"The intrepid coal-mine canary Partch remains inspirational, not least for the lonesome road he trekked in quest of his dreams, but perhaps most for the way he ultimately justified his vision." — L.A. Times

"Best of 2008 - The Artists' Artists" — Artforum

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