The 2009 Festival of Microtonal Music

Two Performances:

Wednesday May 27 8:00 PM

Pierce College Performing Arts Building

6201 Winnetka Ave / Woodland Hills

Donation $15/10. For more information call 818/719-6476

Friday June 5 8:00 PM

Cal Poly Pomona, Music Recital Hall, building 24

3801 West Temple Avenue / Pomona

$7. For more information call 909/869-3554

SLEEP: A S'real S'rvey of the Nightscape by Garry Eister is a piece of music-theater for storyteller, dancers, video puppets and a chamber ensemble of various kinds of guitars and percussion, including a resonator guitar fretted in just intonation and a quarter-tone guitar chorus. Dreams are the subjects of SLEEP, and the piece draws from variety shows, dance recitals, poetry readings, traditional theater, radio theater, world and classical music. Occasionally, the music melts.

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