The 2008 Festival of Microtonal Music
















Friday/Saturday May 30/31 8:30 pm

REDCAT Theater in Disney Hall 631 W. Second St. Los Angeles

$25/$20 students & seniors
$15 CalArts students/faculty/staff

REDCAT box office 213/237-2800

New! Click here to hear Partch perform Castor.
Click here to hear Partch perform Pollux.

Outfitted with a fantastic array of Harry Partch’s custom-built microtonal instruments, the ensemble directed by John Schneider performs the composer’s complete score of Plectra and Perscussion Dances: Satyr-Play Music for Dance Theater -- played live for the first time since the work’s premiere was broadcast on radio in 1953. The hourlong triptych comprises "Castor and Pollux -- A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini,” “Ring Around the Moon -- A Dance Fantasm for Here and Now,” and “Even Wild Horses -- A Dance for an Absent Drama,” with the final segment featuring African and Latin American polyrhythms and settings of Rimbaud’s "A Season in Hell," sung in French with supertitles. The performance also includes Partch’s own introduction to the piece, as heard on Pacifica radio in 1953.
"Weird and wonderful sonorities, truly unlike anything else on Earth or any neighboring celestial body." — LA Weekly

"Performances lyrical and theatrical, emphasized the musical side of a composer too often known for his quirkiness" — Los Angeles Times

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