The 2008 Festival of Microtonal Music

A Musical Journey in Sacred Geometry






















Saturday May 3 - 6:00 & 9:00 pm
Sun May 4 - 4:00 & 7:00 pm

HOME Simply Yoga 1547 6th St., Santa Monica

Very limited "seating." Please preorder tickets at:

Admission $20

Everything about this event will be different; the presentation format, the physical layout and the music itself. The featured composition, entitled Come Alive, composed in 5.1 surround by Stephen James Taylor, follows a unique artistic paradigm: namely one of full integration of the body, mind and breath; of inner and outer; of the familiar with the unfamiliar; of audience with the space. The evening will include a display of visual art by Marcus Hobbs that directly relates to the harmonic, melodic, rhythmic and architectural structure of the music. The audience will experience the music while lying on yoga mats which will be layed out, along the with 5 speakers, according to some of the geometric dimensions used in the composition itself. Described by previous audiences as "a transformative immersion experience," "a journey to Ixtlan," "a glimpse into an alternate reality," this piece employs some new and unique compositional techniques involving psychoacoustics, scales and harmonies never before heard based on a continuum of sliding whole number ratios that pass through the fibonacci series. Join us for tea and conversation afterwards.

For more information, call 310/899-1930.

Mandala image ©2008 Marcus Satellite

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