The 2007 Festival of Microtonal Music

“Partch” at Grand Performances

Friday July 20, 12:00 noon (1 hour show) and 8:00 PM (full concert)

California Plaza, 300-350 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles


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Music by this wonderful American eccentric performed on his famed Cloud Chamber Bowls, Harmonic Canons, giant Bass Marimba, Diamond Marimba, 3 Adapted Guitars, Kithara etc....Hitchhiker graffiti set to music, ancient Greek dances, Alice In Wonderland's Jabberwock, and much more.
"Marvelous to watch and to it was when Partch and his gang were among us." — Alan Rich, LA Weekly

"Performances lyrical and theatrical, emphasized the musical side of a composer too often known for his quirkiness" — Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

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