The 2007 Festival of Microtonal Music

James Tenney with Strings

"Maverick's maverick...the greatest neglected composer in America."
—Los Angeles Times

Tuesday May 8 / 8:00 PM
Pierce College Performing Arts Building 6201 Winnetka Ave Woodland Hills

Donation at the door $15 / $10 Students and seniors
For more information, call 818/719-6476

Just Strings and friends perform the electric guitar sextet Water on the Mountain—Fire in Heaven, Mallets in the Air for Partch Diamond Marimba and string quartet, Marc Sabat's tribute Spectral Canon for 12 double basses, and Tenney's powerful masterwork Glissade for low strings and tape delay.

James Tenney was a pioneering composer not only of astonishingly original microtonal music, but works of all kinds which stretched our minds and nourished our souls. Born in 1934 in New Mexico, he received degrees from Bennington College and the University of Illinois, where he worked with Lejaren Hiller on some of the first computer algorithmically composed music. In the late 1950s he assisted and performed with the just intonation pioneer Harry Partch, and he continued to explore pitch and microtonality throughout his career. In the 1960s he worked with the very earliest computer music systems at Bell Laboratories and cofounded the innovative Tone Roads Chamber Ensemble in New York City. This group gave influential performances of Ives, Cage, Feldman, Varese, Ruggles, and many others. He was one of the most original theorists of modern music and published books and articles including META-HODOS and A History of Consonance and Dissonance. He was also an influential teacher, being on the faculties of the UC Santa Cruz, York University, and California Institute of the Arts. MicroFest has been proud to have performed Tenney's works in several festivals.

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