About Us

Now celebrating its tenth season, MicroFest is the world's leading concert series devoted to the beauty that lies "between the keys" of the piano. Founded by microtonal guitarist and radio personality John Schneider in 1996, MicroFest has grown to a festival of nine separate events this year at Southern California venues ranging from Woodland Hills to Pasadena, Walt Disney Concert Hall to Claremont. MicroFest has included ground-breaking concerts and premieres of works by Lou Harrison, Terry Riley, and Harry Partch with new and historical instruments. MicroFest is co-directed by Schneider and composers Bill Alves and Kraig Grady.

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Special thanks to the California Institute of the Arts, Chapman College, Garrett Fund of Harvey Mudd College, North American Embassy of Anaphoria Island, Pierce College, the Pomona College Music Department, Scripps College.
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