The 2005 Festival of Microtonal Music

Harry Partch

Monday June 20 8:30
REDCAT Theater in Disney Hall 621 W. Second St. Los Angeles

Returning to Disney Hall after last season's sold-out premiere of Partch's Bitter Music, Just Strings once again treats the eyes and ears with their orchestra of Partch instruments. Hear Castor & Pollux, Intrusions, San Francisco, the hilarious Barstow: Eight Hitchhiker Inscriptions from a Highway (1943) and more played on the Chromelodeon, Kithara, Adapted Viola, 7' Bass Marimba, Diamond Marimba, Harmonic Canon, Adapted Guitars, and the new Cloud Chamber Bowls. The evening will also include the rare film of Partch taking us on a tour of his 1958 Chicago music studio, demonstrating his microtonal instruments, and overdubbing sections of his composition Daphne of the Dunes.

$24/12 students & seniors

REDCAT box office at Disney Hall (213)237-2800

"Schneider, whose gracious stage personality is the opposite of Partch's, nevertheless manages to convey the composer through his own voice, which is exactly what all lasting music must be capable of sustaining, even in such unique works as Barstow and excerpts from PartchÕs journal, Bitter Music....Enthralling, as well, was the entire ensemble which has impressively mastered Partch's instruments......performances lyrical and theatrical, emphasized the musical side of a composer too often known for his quirkiness"
—Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

"World-class tribute....Just Strings managed their exotic gadgetry with appealing skill.... John Schneider – guitarist, composer, baritone, microtonal guru...delivered a pretty good facsimile of the old boy's stentorian long as there are John Schneiders to re-create passably the sounds of Partch, we'll have a tenuous grip on this unique byway in the annals of American innovation"
—Alan Rich, LA Weekly

"Just Strings performs with such elegance and élan as to put one's reservations quite beyond the pale....A delight, a treat, and, for those who care, an education (or a basis for debate)." —Fanfare

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